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How to change your World of Warcraft Character Name

Many players of World of Warcraft are unaware that they can actually change the name of their character. We will be explaining two options to change your characters name. The first option is free, however can only be conducted when completing a Paid Character Transfer. The second option is via the Paid Character Name Change Service at a costs of $10.00 USD.
Option #1 - Changing your characters name for free.

Blizzards naming policy does not allow the use of more then one unique name on any one server. This policy will allow you to change the name of your new character when moving to a new server.
Follow these simple steps to acquire a new name for your character.

    * Log into your World of Warcraft Account.
    * Choose the server you want to move your character to.
    * Create a new character on the server with the current name of the character you are moving.
    * Use the Paid Character Transfer Service and move the character to the server you want to play on.
    * Wait for the Transfer process to complete and finalize the transfer.
    * Log into your World of Warcraft account, select and enter the server you just moved your character to.
    * You will notice your character now has random numbers within its name. This has happened because the character has been moved to the server and the name is already in use by the new character you created.
    * World of Warcraft's naming policy only allows for one unique name per server, this policy is what will allow you to now modify or completly change your characters name.
    * Select the character and press "Enter World"
    * Immediadtly upon entering the world a pop up window will apear prompting you to enter a new name.
    * Enter a new name and press OK.
    * Name change complete!

Option #2 - Changing your characters name via the Paid Character Name Change Service.

Blizzard made a recent update that now allows the changing of characters name via the Paid Character Name Change Service. This service is offered by Blizzard on the Account Management page of any World of Warcraft account. The Paid Character Name Change service is not free, however it will allow a name change without a server transfer as described above in option #1. For a the small fee of $10.00 USD you can change your characters name, all payments are made directly to Blizzard Entertainment, the payment options available for the Name Change Service are the same options available for the Paid Character Transfer Service.

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