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World of Warcraft Secondary Professions: Your WoW Gold Maker

We've been talking about WoW gold tips every day, all the things from the hot gold spots to farming strategies. But the very basic thing you may ignore is to make your professions as good money makers. Take care of your secondary professions; they are profitable in World of Warcraft.

WoW professions general information
Make it simple, a profession is a set of skills. Skills, learned from trainers, enable players to gather, make, or enhance items, and the items can be sold for profit in WoW world. There are two classes of professions including primary professions and secondary professions. Players can only gain two primary professions while they can have no limit to the number of secondary professions. Primary professions can be divided into three categories including gathering professions, crafting professions (Blizzard calls these "production professions") and service professions. Any kind of professions can earn you massive number of gold depended on your level and your character ability.

WoW secondary professions
Believe it or not, secondary professions can make you tons of gold. Don't just keep your eyes on primary professions; take paints on the secondary ones for they are going to return you too. The secondary professions (or "Secondary Skills") are Cooking, First Aid and Fishing.

Cooking creates food, and all classes benefit from cooking. You often receive pieces of meat which, instead of being sold to merchants, could be used to create food. There are players who relies on food, such as a non-healing player or a player who solos, food should become very important to them. Sell your food to them. Cooking can only be profitable, since there's very low chance of losing money on it. How profitable depends on your server, it might be better or worse than other ways of making money.

First Aid allows characters to create bandages that can heal any players out of various types of cloth including Linen Cloth, Wool Cloth, Silk Cloth and more. It can also enable players to make anti-venom consumables from venom sacs dropped by various poisonous monsters.

The best money maker is fishing, because anything you catch is pure profit. Fishing can be done without almost zero danger. Raw fish can be fed to Hunter Pets, or be cooked. Pick up fishing and cooking skills together is a good idea. Fish have value and can be vended or sold in AH. Although you may not get huge reward one time, you can repeat to do it again and again.

Level your secondary skills in World of Warcraft, and make WoW money easily at the same time! Cheers!

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