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WoW: Priest Heal Item Stats

Priest healers really have a special niche all of their own, with the ability to choose between two talent trees that allow for vary different play styles.


Discipline Priests require essentially the same stats as Holy Priests except how they value those stats is very different. For example Spirit, while important for Disc Priests, provides no where near the value as it does for Holy Priests so while Spirit is not a bad thing, gemming for Spirit as a Disc Priest is probably not the best idea. Intellect is a major player for the Disc Priest, for basically the same reason a Holy Priest would value it. Intellect affects almost all mana regen in some way, and as such having more Intellect gives you better mana regen.

Crit is very important for the Disc Priest and can almost be compared to Spirit for the Holy Priest. Most of the Disc Priest’s spells work based off their crit and as such Disc Priests should stack this stat as much as possible. There is very little reason to stop stacking crit, and a good Disc Priest should be able to pull close to 40% with decent gear.


Even with the most recent regen mechanics which brought a nerf to Spirit, and caused Intellect to be a much sought after stat, it may seem that Spirit should be knocked off the top of the list for Holy Priests.

While Spirit is still the be all end all for Holy Priests, the usefulness of Intellect cannot be ignored. Almost all regen is based off of your final mana, so the more mana you have, the more regen you will see. Even your Shadowfiend now restores mana based on your overall mana, therefore picking up as much intellect as you can is a good idea. It’s always valuable and you can never really have too much.

Not the most important stat for Holy Priests, but still pretty important, as gaining more Crit will allow your Holy Concentration to proc more, thus allowing you to regen more mana. As a Holy Priest you will need about 12-14% haste.

Spellpower is always a good idea to look for. The more spell power you have, the harder your heals hit making it so you can heal less, and regen more. Not with Mp5 though, while not a useless stat for the Holy Priest, Spirit is still a much more valuable stat and should not be a substitute for Mp5 unless no other options are available.

Remember that Discipline Priests and Holy Priests are both Priests, they require different types of stats and if you stack them accordingly you will be well on your way to being the best healer you can be. We hope this guide will attempt to give you useful information on both healing styles that will benefit anyone new to Priest healing. We are always provide wow game cards and wow power leveling service to player. We also have high level wow accounts for sale

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