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The Faction Change and Race Change in WoW

WoW still dominates the MMO market. It never stops improving its gameplay and game service to create a better fantasy world for players. Faction change is available now, and race change is confirmed as well. However, there is a WoW gold limit for Faction Changes. Players would better keep these rules in mind before making a decision.

Faction Change

The new World of Warcraft faction change service is live. Players are able to change from Alliance to Horde or Horde to Alliance. You can choose any race only if it is compatible with you class when you switch to the opposite side.

This service is not free. You will be charged $30 USD (not including applicable taxes) for each faction change. No multiple characters' factions change available; you have to settle them down one by one. If you want to change back, sorry, you will be charged one more time. Visit Account Management page to start your transfer journey.

Please notice there's a gold limit for faction change.
Level 10 to 30: 300 gold
Level 31 to 50: 1000 gold
Level 51 to 69: 5000 gold
Level 70 to 80: 20000 gold
If you are far to rich, it seems you have to spend some money. Rich man is not unwelcome in a new world, what's an irony!

Race Change

When World of Warcraft announced the faction change service, they said, "Based on further community feedback, we have also decided to offer a race change service in the future. Players who choose to switch races will be able to change their race within their same faction and class. Additional details will be released at a future date."

In fact, the possibility of changing your character's race was indicated at BlizzCon 2009. Race change in WoW is coming at a future point in time. It is comfired once again when one WoW panel answered the new program's FAQs and said, "We will be releasing a Race change service in the near future".

Yep, you are going to change your WoW race even you want to stay Alliance if you're Alliance, or Horde if you're Horde. We will keep an eye on the official sayings on this service. If you have changed to the new faction, but lack of WoW money to support your game experience due to the gold limit, please come to us!

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