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WOW Guild Banks For Cheap WOW Gold

The guild bank of Cheap WOW Gold is for characters in a guild to share their items and WOW Gold that are harvested in the fight with cooperation of all to Buy Cheap WOW Gold . Players can access to the guild ban on Cheapest WOW Gold through the guild vault located at the faction banks and the neutral banks storing World of Warcraft Gold.

Setting Up Your Guild Bank
The guild bank to Buy WOW Gold should be built by the guild leaders. The lead should first buy a guild bank tab at the guild vault. Once you have bought the Cheap WOW Gold tab, the basic permissions and icons of WOW Gold are set to their default values. The permissions and settings of World of Warcraft Gold can be customized by the leaders. You’re your personal bank, there is a kind of subsequent tabs which is more expensive to purchase.

The guild master of Cheap WOW Gold can decide the bank permissions with the "Guild Options" tab to Buy WOW Gold. That is to say leaders can decide whether the bank of Cheapest WOW Gold can be viewed by the members or by which members, or decide whether to cancel or deposit the items and World of Warcraft Gold to the bank.


According to the ranks of each player, they are required to Buy Cheap WOW Gold and take different responsibilities for the guild of Fast WOW Gold in accordance with the tab of guild bank. The access level for each tab is shown at the top of the guild bank window. Guild masters for WOW Gold can set the guild bank 's access to one of the following: Full Access, Deposit Only, Withdraw Only, or Locked.

Full Access means the guild members can view the banks, cancel the items and so on. For guild masters, all tabs are always set to full access.

Deposit Only means the WOW Gold guild member can view and deposit items and Fast WOW Gold in the tab.

Withdraw Only means the Cheap WOW Gold guild member can view and withdraw items and World of Warcraft Gold from the tab.

Locked means the guild member can view the items as well as Cheapest WOW Gold, but cannot withdraw or deposit items or Buy Cheap WOW Gold. The guild master can also restrict viewing of the tab.

The guild masters have been given authorities to decide how much WOW Gold can be withdrawn everyday and whether guild members can view the guild bank log.

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