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Buyers and Sellers in World of Warcraft

No matter you are a buyer or sell, the Auction House is a very popular method. If you don’t use the Auction House, you can choose other ways, such as chat and trade your WoW goods, such as items, weapons, cloth, armors and special goods, World of Warcraft gold. Here we will talk about buyers and sellers. We think it must be useful for your WoW adventure.

Sellers in World of Warcraft

Set a price for the goods
If your price is a very low, it might attract a lot of buyers of understanding the true value of goods to get it. And then you can get WoW gold from them. You just like a merchant, if your products are good and cheap, many people would talk to your goods. It is like free advertising.

High price
If your goods take a high price, there may be no one to bid. If you offer goods 1 WoW gold at the beginning, you will find that there are no bidders. However, if you are 25 silver coins offer the same items, it can have 2 WoW gold speculation high.

Auction Successful
If someone buys the item you are selling you'll receive a text message. The purchase amount will be sent to your mailbox along with a receipt. Your actual payout will be lower than the sale price because of the auction house's cut - a percentage of the sale price.

Auction Expired
If your item doesn't sell by the time the auction duration is up, your auction will expire and you will lose your deposit WoW money. The item you put up for auction will be returned to you from the auction house through the mail. You have up to 30 days to get it from your mailbox.

Other skills
When items are being put up for sale on the Auction House, if the item you are putting up for bid is the same item and quantity as the previous item you put up for bid, it will automatically fill in the price and buyout for you with your previous price.

Recipes you already know will not show up in the auction listing if "Usable Items" is checked.
Stacked items for sale at the auction house display the per unit price and per unit buyout price in the item mouseover.

Buyers in World of Warcraft

If you are a buyer who want to buy WoW gold, but not items. It is a little hard to buy World of Warcraft gold. In my opinion, you should buy it from us—wowgoldstore, we guarantee to bring you the best service and fast delivery! If you decide buy items from the Auction House, please take a notice for the next two points.

Beware of bid wars
The goal of the auction isn't to BEAT another player in some imaginary battle. The goal is to get the item at a reasonable price. Don't bid up an item to crazy numbers just to win against another person bidding on the item. Pull out if the price gets too high.

Beware of shady auctions or bids
Look up the bidders and seller using /who to make sure they are not in the same guilds.

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